Fava's New Photovolatic System

499 kW with 1500 of the latest generation photovoltaic modules

Fava SpA, present on the market for more than 80 years and worldwide leader in the pasta equipment manufacturing field, has installed an extensive photovoltaic system (499 kW) with the aim of reducing its environmental energy impact with a view to continuous renewal, both in terms of technology and energy improvements. Since June 2019, the company produces most of the energy it needs, thus becoming less independent on the State’s electricity network. The photovoltaic system was installed on the roofs of the factory, approx. 1500 of the latest generation photovoltaic modules. The project began with an analysis of the energy consumption of the company’s activity, combined with a precise evaluation of the factory roof surface area to design a system which would ensure an optimal yield. The next step involved preparing a depreciation plan, to evaluate costs, timelines and Return on Investment. The project was carried out by the company Albanati Impianti in collaboration with the Altieri Fabio Studio, two local companies renowned in the photovoltaic sector.

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