The quality of pasta has always been the focal point of Fava’s research

FAVA will once again be among the sponsors of the Pastaria Festival to be held on September 30 at Hotel Parma & Congressi in Parma.

We will also be one of the speakers in the session organized by Ipack-Ima dedicated to technological innovation in the process, packaging and packing field of the Pasta & Milling Industry.

"The quality of pasta has always been the focal point of Fava’s research" is the title of the CTO, Renato Dall'Agata’s presentation: an in-depth analysis of the interesting technological solutions resulting from Fava’s research.

Recently the company has developed solutions to enhance each and every raw material thanks to unique and original technological processes, which also facilitate production and parameter control.

A series of product and service innovations designed to meet the needs of pasta producers all over the world will be illustrated, to explain the technological added value provided to obtain the best possible final product from the raw materials available.

The two innovative technologies that will be presented are GPL180 technology for long-cut pasta production and TCM-100 technology for short-cut pasta production.

Other objectives achieved by these technologies, in addition to the advantages in terms of product quality, include increasing the overall efficiency of the equipment and improving the total cost of ownership, reducing environmental impact, reducing maintenance costs, automation (augmented reality techniques, predictive packages based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning), more user-friendly machinery and respect for food safety.

To conclude the presentation, particular attention will be paid to the added value lifecycle services that the company has to offer with its pasta lines and the importance of these services in responding to market demands.

Within the workshop area, Fava will also set up thematic areas in which the most current and interesting topics for world pasta producers will be explored, from raw material enhancement to user-friendly machines, from energy savings to added value lifecycle services. These are the areas of discussion that will be provided to attendees:




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