Our first Mechanical Assembly Experience in Remote

Successful assembly of a high-capacity long-cut pasta line at a distance
Fava long cut pasta line assembled remotely


An unheard-of crisis requires unprecedented solutions. The restrictions imposed during the pandemic outbreak blocked all supervisor technicians from travelling on-site to carry out assembly activities. The question was: how can we assemble a high-capacity pasta line thousands of miles away without any technicians on-site? Fava not only took on the challenge but the company overcame it turning the challenge into a remarkable and unique success.

Right in middle of the lockdown period, for the first time ever, we set ourselves the goal of erecting one of our pasta lines which was already on- site. With none of our supervisors on-site and with the precious collaboration of one of our important Turkish customers and its qualified staff, we started the assembly of a high-capacity long-cut pasta line. We managed to almost complete the entire mechanical assembly of the line in remote.

This unprecedented and extraordinary activity was possible thanks to Fava’s vast experience. We set up a remote assistance station with adequate digital instruments at our headquarters, piloted by one of our supervisor experts, who coordinated and guided the assembly activities, by providing clear step by step instructions to the client's technicians. He also double checked if all the activities were carried out correctly. We are very satisfied that we took on such a challenge as it has helped our client to achieve his goals and deadlines.

As the borders are being reopened and flights are resuming, FAVA’s technicians will intervene directly on-site to complete the assembly activities, already at a very advanced stage, and commission the pasta line.



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